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Commercial lending

When other institutions shy away from entrepreneurial spirit and quite simply don't understand your needs, Capital Source Associates steps in with innovative financing solutions.

Our first loans were originated for the purposes of financing commercial properties where banks were exiting their portfolios.  Our main focus was to provide an alternative for these customers who were left stranded by their banking institutions.  Since then, we have raised capital for numerous projects, often without requiring personal income verification. The programs we offer provide higher loan-to-values than many of those offered by traditional banks, up to 90% in some cases.

Capital Source Associates will entertain all types of commercial properties, including those that are hard to finance. We help finance unconventional projects including churches, marinas, gas stations, homeowners' associations and many others.

Commercial Mortgage Products

We understand the complexity of finding the right commercial loan to match the needs and goals of our customers and are ready to earn your business. Following please find a short list of some of the many commercial loan programs available:

  • Loans for land acquisition, construction and development of apartment buildings, mix use properties, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 

  • Programs for owner occupied mix use and commercial properties financing up to 90% of the value of the property in some cases.

  • Multifamily programs providing permanent financing up to 80% of the value of the property at competitive rates.

  • Programs for "Hard To Finance" Properties including churches, gas stations, golf courses, hotels, motels, restaurants, retail stores, industrial buildings, marinas, offices, shopping centers, vacant properties, etc…

  • Loans with No Personal Income and/or Asset Verification.

  • Loans with Low Fixed Rates with up to 30 year Full Amortization.

  • Bridge Loans

  • Loans for Borrowers with Credit Problems.

Determining Your Commercial Mortgage Interest Rate

Understandably, one of the first questions we’re asked from potential commercial borrowers is “What will my interest rate be?” But the final interest rate on your new loan will be based on your past credit history, the loan-to-value (LTV) of the property, and other risk components associated with the deal. And before we can provide a valid financial quote we’ll need to work together to build a suitable package acceptable to an underwriter. The final rates and terms you receive will be based largely on your qualifications and the characteristics of your commercial property.


In addition to interest rates there are other factors you should consider if your goal is to obtain the best overall financial package and return on your property. For example, the terms of a mortgage loan can be just as important as the interest rate. Most commercial loans have prepayment penalties. Many require balloon payments. These features could also affect the overall cost of your mortgage and your ability to sell or refinance a property. So it’s wise to carefully review the covenants that lenders require on a loan. It helps to have a financial partner that can identify commercial loan programs that are best suited for your goals and objectives.

Please contact us to learn how Capital Source Associates can add value to your commercial real estate transactions. 

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